Level Up


Skylanders will level up when they acquire EXP.

EXP can be acquired by completing Adventures or by using the Red Potions [Small Red Potion]. Skylanders can be levelled up to Lvl. 30. You can Evolve Skylanders to increase their level up to 80.

Levelling up Skylanders grow their stats. Specifically ATK, HP and DEF.

Portal Masters

Skylander's stats will be increased when Portal Master's level increases. Team stats will increase only when the Portal Master is included in the team, but Elemental stats will increase Skylander's stats even when the Portal Master isn't included in the team.

Level Up XP Tables
Potion XP
Small Red Potion/Small Red Potion + 50 EXP
Small Red Potion/Small Red Potion + 440 EXP
Small Red Potion/Small Red Potion + 5000 EXP
Small Red Potion/Small Red Potion + 44000 EXP


Skylanders can be upgraded up to 6 with Evolution. The character's grade will increase with Evoltuion and the MAX level will be increased. The ma level will be increased by 10 levels with each Evolution, up to Lvl. 80.

Evolution Splendor [] is used to proceed with Evolution.

Evolving Costs


Skylanders can be Awakened up to 6 times. with Evolution. Awakening is available only up to the current star grade. Star grade can be increased through Evolution. Endurance is increased and you can acquire Awakened Skills with Awakening.

The Skylaner's appearance will change when you reach 6 Awakening.

Awakening Stone [] is used to proceed with Awakening.

Awakening Costs


Skylander's base stats are increased with Superboost. The MAX skill level, which can be increased with Skill Power-UP [], is also increased. Superboost is proceeded automatically when you summon the duplicate Skylander. Alternatevily you can also use the Superboost Keys []. You can Superboost a Skylander 5 times regardless of the rarity.

Superboosting Costs


Special stats that fit the Skylander's traits are increased through Skylander Transcendence. The MAX value will vary according to the Skylander's rarity.

Imaginite [] is used to proceed with Transcendence (up to level 5) and Transcendence Stars [Normal Transcendence Star Heroic] are used for additional Transcendence. There are different stars for Heroic and Legendary Skylanders. Those also are divided into two more categories. Normal [Normal Transcendence Star Heroic , Normal Transcendence Star Legendary] and Light and Dark ones [L&D Transcendence Star Heroic , L&D Transcendence Star Legendary].

Transcending Costs
Rarity Transcendence Level
Premium + 3
Rare + 5
Heroic + 7
Legendary + 10